Women’s Historic Night in Norway Date in the current year: May 8, 2024

Women’s Historic Night in Norway Women’s Historic Night (Kvinnehistorisk natt) is an annual feminist campaign held in Bergen, Oslo and other cities and towns throughout Norway on May 8. Its main goal is to combat male domination in the urban environment.

According to the organizers of Women’s Historic Night, the evidence of men’s accomplishments (monuments, commemorative plaques, street names, etc.) prevails in most cities, whereas women who made a significant contribution to history, science and culture are often overlooked. The Women’s Historic Night campaign was launched to combat male domination in the historical and cultural environment.

The inaugural Women’s Historic Night was organized in 2006 by radical feminists from the University of Bergen. In 2010, the campaign was held in the Norwegian capital of Oslo for the first time. Its main goal is to turn the tables and make women dominate in the urban environment at least for one night, as well as to raise awareness of the problem of male domination.

The participants of Women’s Historical Night make posters dedicated to female scientists, politicians, inventors, authors, artists, activists and other women who inspire them. On May 8, they hang these posters around the city. Sometimes, activists also rename the city’s monuments and streets after prominent women.

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