World Quality Day Date in the current year: November 14, 2024

World Quality Day World Quality Day is one of the international observances, that annually falls on the second Thursday in November. This observance was introduced by the United Nations in 1990, but it didn't become one of the UN special international days.

World Quality Day was introduced to raise public awareness to the problems of quality of any product or service, provided by the companies around the world. Quality is basic for economical success of any company, organization or enterprise and it's present in every aspect of life. Paying more attention to the quality of products and services helps improve customers satisfaction, make a sustainable business, identify and manage risk, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Every year the Chartered Quality Institute (Great Britain) is responsible for organization of various events and it publishes free resources used for promotion of quality of the products and services. The events correspond to the special theme, that is chosen annually.

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