Galentine’s Day Date in the current year: February 13, 2024

Galentine’s Day Galentine’s Day is a fictional holiday invented by the writers of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation. Basically, it’s like Valentine’s Day, only instead of celebrating it with their partners, women spend it with their female friends. Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the day before Valentine’s Day.

In the 16th episode of the second season of Parks and Recreation, Leslie, portrayed by Amy Poehler, throws an annual “Galentine’s Day” brunch party for her female friends the day before Valentine’s Day. What started as just a plot point in an episode of the show has since become an optimistic celebration of female friendship held annually on February 13. And it is not just celebrated by the fans of Parks and Recreation.

Friendship is just as important as love, but we often fail to acknowledge this properly, taking our friendships for granted. Galentine’s Day is a great occasion to change this. This is a day for ladies celebrating ladies which gives you an opportunity to express the love you have for your girlfriends. On the day before Valentine’s Day, leave your significant other at home and get together with your lady friends.

Leslie chose to observe Galentine’s Day with brunch, but there are many other options, from throwing a cocktail party to taking a trip to hitting a strip club. The way you celebrate doesn’t matter, what matters is that you spend some quality time with your girlfriends.

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