Clean Out Your Computer Day Date in the current year: February 12, 2024

Clean Out Your Computer Day Clean Out Your Computer Day is an annual observance designed to remind users that they need to take care of their computers, both digitally and physically. It is held on the second Monday in February.

To keep your computer running smoothly, you need to make sure that it’s always clean. Unnecessary files and folders (especially those saved to the desktop), traces of incorrectly uninstalled programs, damaged registry keys and viruses slow down the operating system, while dust and dirt in the computer case may cause overheating and damage the hardware.

Ideally, you should clean your computer once a month. First, unplug and disconnect your computer, open the case and clean it out inside. It’s not so hard as it might seem, but be careful and make sure that all cables are connected properly before you put the computer case back together.

Now it’s time to clean your computer digitally. You need to delete all unneeded files and folders that take up useful memory, properly uninstall programs you don’t use, and run a virus and malware scan. You can also use registry recovery software to scan the registry for damaged keys.

Of course, very few users actually clean their computers once a month. Clean Out Your Computer Day was created to remind people of the importance of cleaning their computers regularly. If you can’t remember when you did this last time, you absolutely should clean your computer on the second Monday of February.

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