National Children's Day in Indonesia Date in the current year: July 23, 2024

National Children's Day in Indonesia National Children's Day is annually celebrated in Indonesia on July 23. Although the holiday exists for a long time, many Indonesians still don't know about it.

Celebration of National Children's Day has a fixed date, however, sometimes it has to be postponed for a couple weeks, if its Gregorian date coincides with Ramadan. All Indonesian Muslims keep to fasting during this month, that's why celebration of Children's Day can't be properly organized.

Traditional celebration of Children's Day includes different cultural and educational events – sports competitions, games, fun activities, races and poem readings. Carnivals are not traditional for National Children's Day in Indonesia, but they are also sometimes organized as a closing event. Children participating in the carnival wear traditional costumes, representing every province of Indonesia.

There are many problems that children face in the present-day Indonesia. Many Indonesian children become victims of human trafficking or forced to beg on the streets of big cities. Children, born in villages, often don't have birthday certificates! These are the most common problems in Indonesia, and provincial governments are not able to implement children protection policy at full scale.

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