Home Movie Day Date in the current year: October 19, 2024

Home Movie Day Do you have an old home movie and you think it's boring? Bet it's not, and your friends or neighbors would like to watch it and enjoy you watching their home movies on Home Movie Day. This is a world celebration of home movies and amateur films that's annually held on the third Saturday in October.

Home Movie Day was started in 2003 by the Center for Home Movies as an annual event to celebrate and preserve home movies as unique videos showing certain moments of life of many families and people around the world. From 2003 to 2007 it was annually celebrated on the second Saturday in August, but in 2008 it was moved to the third Saturday in October.

Home Movie Day isn't just about watching your old home movies. It's also an educational event, providing people with information on how to store old home movies. Old movies are easily watched in a digital copy, but the original films, if taken care of and stored properly, can last for decades, which is much longer than any new media format.

Did you know that many local archives, museums and historical societies are interested in collecting some home movies of regular people, not just celebrities? If you feel like donating you old home movie, then find out if your local archive is interested in it.

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