National Bolivian Women’s Day Date in the current year: October 11, 2024

National Bolivian Women’s Day National Bolivian Women’s Day (Día de la Mujer Boliviana) is celebrated in Bolivia on October 11. Although it is not a public holiday, women employed in the state sector typically have the second half of the day off on the occasion.

Bolivian Women’s Day is celebrated on October 11 to commemorate the birthday of Adela Zamudio, a famous Bolivian poet, feminist, and educator. She published her first poem at age 15, but did not publish her first book until two decades later. Zamudio also wrote numerous articles, promoting women’s rights, including the legalization of divorce, and democratic reforms. She is considered the founder of Bolivia’s feminist movement.

The holiday honoring Bolivian women was officially established by Lidia Gueiler Tejada, the country’s first and (thus far, only) female president. Gueiler became the interim president of Bolivia in November 1979 and served until July 1980, when she was overthrown by a military coup. Guelier was involved in various feminist organization throughout her life, so no wonder that she was the one to establish Bolivian Women’s Day.

Despite the fact that Bolivian Women’s Day was established in honor of the first Bolivian feminist, many people don’t perceive it as a holiday dedicated to women’s struggle for their rights. For many Bolivians, this is more of an occasion to express their love and gratitude to their mothers, sisters and wives.

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