Librarian Day in Armenia Date in the current year: October 7, 2024

Librarian Day in Armenia Librarian Day is one of the official professional holidays in Armenia. Celebrated on October 7, it was officially included into the list of professional observances in 2004, according to the decision of the Armenian government.

The National Library of Armenia in Yerevan is the largest library in Armenia. It was founded in 1832 as part of the Yerevan Men’s Gymnasium (a state secondary school for boys). The library is home to a collection of more than 6.5 million books, including the first printed Bible in Armenian, published in Amsterdam in 1666, and the first Armenian map. In total, there are several hundred libraries in Armenia.

More than 200 libraries throughout the country participate in Librarian Day celebrations, holding various event and activities. The professional holiday of Armenian librarians is marked with festive events honoring distinguished librarians, book exhibitions, meetings with authors, special activities for children and teenagers, and other cultural events.

The main goals of Librarian Day in Armenia are to pay tribute to all librarians and library employees who make a great contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage, as well as to emphasize the importance of reading in the age of modern technologies, when the importance of books is often underestimated due the abundance of easily accessible information.

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