Our Lady of Coromoto Day Date in the current year: September 11, 2024

Our Lady of Coromoto Day On September 11, Venezuelans celebrate Our Lady of Coromoto Day. It is dedicated to the patroness of Venezuela. It is not a public holiday, but banks are typically closed on this day.

Our Lady of Coromoto (Nuestra Señora de Coromoto), also known as the Virgin of Coromoto (Virgen de Coromoto), is a celebrated Catholic image of an alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary. Its history dates back to 1591, when Spanish colonizers founded the city of Guanare and began to evangelize. The Indian tribe who inhabited the region resisted Christianity and fled to the North.

According to legend, in 1651 Virgin Mary appeared before Coromoto, the chief of the local tribe. She told him to get baptized, but Coromoto refused. She appeared again on September 8, 1652 in Coromoto's hut. He tried to grab her but Virgin Mary vanished, leaving behind a small painting of her holding Baby Jesus. Coromoto soon got baptized and urged other members of the tribe to follow suit.

A church was built on the site of the second apparition. The image of Our Lady of Coromoto is kept there. In 1942, the Venezuelan episcopate declared Our Lady of Coromota as patroness of Venezuela. In 1959, Pope Pius XII officially ratified this decision. Our Lady of Coromoto Day is cerebrated on September 8 (the anniversary of the second apparition) and September 11 (bank holiday).

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