Carnival Monday in Saba Date in the current year: July 29, 2024

Carnival Monday in Saba The island of Saba in the Lesser Antilles is part of the Caribbean Netherlands, three special municipalities of the Netherlands that are located in the Caribbean Sea. The other two are Bonaire and Sint Eustatius. The Caribbean Netherlands have the same public holidays as the Netherlands, but each municipality also has its own local holidays. For example, Carnival Monday is a big holiday in Saba.

Originally, Carnival is a Western Christian festive season occurring before Lent. Its main events typically take place during February or early March. However, in many Caribbean countries Carnival processions are held to celebrate the anniversary of the abolition of slavery, so quite a lot of Caribbean Carnivals take place in late July and/or early August.

The Saba Carnival is usually held the last week in July, but depending on the weekend it can run into the first days of August. Carnival Monday is usually the last Monday in July. It is an official holiday and a non-working day in Saba. The Carnival parade and other main events are held in The Bottom, the capital and largest town on Saba.

Just like any other Caribbean Carnival, the Saba Carnival features vibrant and colorful processions, great music and dance, tasty local food, various competitions, live concerts and comedy shows, costume competitions, and more.

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