National Pisco Day in Peru Date in the current year: July 28, 2024

National Pisco Day in Peru National Pisco Day is a Peruvian holiday celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July. It is dedicated to a local alcoholic beverage that is a source of pride for all Peruvians. National Pisco Day was officially instituted in 1999 and has been celebrated every year since.

Pisco is a kind of grape brandy produced in Peru and Chile from several varieties of grape, mostly Muscat, although Quebranta, Mollar, Common Black, Torontel, Italia, Albilla, and some other varieties can be used. The beverage is believed to have originated in the Viceroyalty of Peru, where it was produced by the Spanish. It was named after the Peruvian town of Pisco that used to be an important colonial port for the exportation of viticultural products.

Chileans probably encountered pisco for the first time during the War of the Pacific in the second half of the 19th century. Chilean pisco is made using a slightly different technology and is sometimes diluted after it is distilled. The right to use an appellation of origin for pisco is hotly contested between Peru and Chile. Although Chile is the largest producer and exporter of pisco, Peru claims that it has the historical priority of naming and producing the drink.

In Peru, pisco is considered a national beverage and a source of pride. National Pisco Day was officially created in 1999 to celebrate the beverage that means so much to Peru. Of course, the best way to celebrate is to have some fine pisco or a cocktail with pisco, for example, pisco sour (that has its own holiday celebrated in February).

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