Sustainable Gastronomy Day Date in the current year: June 18, 2024

Sustainable Gastronomy Day Sustainable Gastronomy Day is a United Nations observance held annually on June 18. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of gastronomy for sustainable development.

Gastronomy is a science that studies the relationship between food and culture. Some believe that it is located at the intersection of social sciences and art. According to a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2016, gastronomy is an important aspect of cultural expression which is closely related to the natural and cultural diversity.

Gastronomy is directly interlinked with all three dimensions of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic). That’s why sustainable gastronomy can play a crucial role in achieving the sustainable development goals in several ways, including by promoting the conservation of biodiversity, agricultural development, sustainable food production, nutrition and food security.

The main goal of Sustainable Gastronomy Day is to raise public awareness about its contribution to sustainable development. It is organized by UNESCO and FAO in collaboration with other relevant organizations of the UN system, other international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including NGO’s and individuals.

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