Children’s Day in Norway Date in the current year: May 17, 2024

Children’s Day in Norway Although there is Universal Children’s Day officially recognized by the United Nations, which is celebrated annually on November 20, many countries have their own Children’s Day. For example, in Norway the semi-official Children’s Day takes place on May 17, coinciding with Constitution Day.

Norwegian Constitution Day is the national day of Norway. It commemorates the signing of the Constitution of Norway in Eidsvoll on May 17, 1814. The celebration of this day began spontaneously among youth, but in 1833 Constitution Day became an official national holiday.

Many countries celebrate their national day with a military parade, but Norway is an exception. Its Constitution Day is noted for its non-military nature. Instead of military parades, there are numerous children’s parades held throughout the country. That’s why May 17 is also considered to be Norway’s Children’s Day.

On Constitution Day, practically each elementary school district in Norway organizes its own parade. But the largest and most famous parade takes place in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. It features children from around 100 schools with national flags and banners, as well as marching bands. The procession marches past the Royal Palace, where the royal family greet the children from the balcony.

Although children’s parades were instituted to celebrate Constitution Day, one of their goals is to emphasize the role of children in Norwegian society. That’s why May 17 is also celebrated as Children’s Day.

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