World Social Work Day Date in the current year: March 19, 2024

World Social Work Day World Social Work Day is an annual observance held on the third Tuesday of March. It is coordinated by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), a worldwide organization that represents social workers from 116 member countries and strives for human rights, social justice and social development through the promotion of social work.

The term “social work” refers to the discipline that seeks to ensure the welfare of individuals, families, groups and communities. Guided by the principles of human rights, social justice, respect for diversity and collective responsibility, it tries to address life challenges, promote social change, and enhance well-being.

Social workers are practicing professionals with a degree in social work. They may be employed in a variety of fields including addictions rehabilitation, behavior therapy, child protection, community development, corrections, cultural mediation, disabilities, disaster management, elder protection, forensics, human rights, industrial relations, legislation, life skills, mental health, moral development, poverty relief, rural development, social inclusion, social rejection management, social skills, urbanization adjustment, women’s rights, and others.

World Social Work Day was established by the IFSW and the International Association of Schools of Social Work to emphasize the contribution of social work and social workers in social cohesion, social development, and prevention of abuse and oppression.

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