United Nations Day Date in the current year: October 24, 2024

United Nations Day United Nations Day is observed every year on October 24. This observance was created to commemorate the anniversary of adoption of the Charter of the United Nations on October 24, 1948.

Celebration of United Nations Day was created to make peoples around the world know about the existence of the United Nations Organization, its aims, activity and achievements. In 1971 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a further resolution, recommending United Nations Day to be a public holiday in all member states of the organization.

Traditional events of this day include meetings, discussions and exhibits about the achievements and goals of the UN. Various events are also held in member states. For instance, President of the USA annually issues a proclamation of the holiday. Schoolchildren in the Philippines dress in national costumes of member states and hold a program to celebrate the holiday. International schools organize cultural performances and food fairs, where traditional food from all over the world is available.

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