National No Smoking Day in Ireland Date in the current year: March 6, 2019

National No Smoking Day in Ireland National No Smoking Day in Ireland coincides with Ash Wednesday. This annual observance was established to encourage people to quit smoking.

Ash Wednesday was chosen as No Smoking Day for a reason. It is the first day of Lent in Western Christianity. During Lent, people are supposed to abstain from luxuries, and smoking is considered a luxury. On Ash Wednesday, even people who do not fast are encouraged to give up smoking at least for a day and see how long they can abstain from smoking. For some people, National No Smoking Day becomes the first step in quitting.

In Ireland, smoking is banned fully in indoors workplaces, healthcare facilities, education facilities, public transport, enclosed public places, bars, and restaurants. According to statistics, public opinion is in favor on the bans on smoking. Besides, Ireland banned tobacco advertising and displays of tobacco products in stores. So No Smoking Day is part of a massive anti-tobacco campaign.

Observances similar to Irish National No Smoking Day exist in other countries. They include No Smoking Day in the UK (second Wednesday in March), No Smoking Day in Armenia (October 12), and Great American Smokeout (third Thursday in November).

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