Espresso Italiano Day in Italy Date in the current year: April 19, 2024

Espresso Italiano Day in Italy Espresso is a worldwide appreciated Italian invention. This drink is known for its rich taste, fine texture and hazelnut or dark brown foam. Annually Italians don't forget to celebrate Espresso Italiano Day, that falls on Friday in April.

Espresso Italiano Day was established in 2008 by the Italian Espresso National Institute as a special day to celebrate espresso as one of the best Italian products, its symbol, and, of course, to promote coffee culture. Thousands of Italian cafes open and give away series of collectible gifts from the countries producing coffee for espresso.

The Italian Espresso National Institute was founded in 1998 with a specific goal of promotion and protecting the original espresso. Today it's one of the most important and influential coffee associations in the world.

Original espresso became the basis for many other Italian coffee drinks, for instance, caffè latte, caffè machiato, caffè Americano, cappuccino, and cafe mocha. Over the years a number of its variants appeared and they, at some point, became more popular, than the original one. Adding whipped cream, syrup, soy milk, flavor extracts and spices makes totally different drinks, but where would they be without original recipe?

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