Butterbrod Day in Germany Date in the current year: September 27, 2024

Butterbrod Day in Germany Western world is familiar with sandwiches, while butterbords are unknown. However, they are known in Germany, where this special dish comes from. This dish saw a steady decline but since 1999 it's being revived by celebrating Butterbrod Day on the last Friday in September.

Butterbrod has nothing in common with sandwich. Butterbrod is a single slice of bread with one ingredient on the top of butter or margarine. By the way, the term butterbrod derives from two German worlds – Butter (butter) and Brod (Bread). The ingredients on the top can be different – jam, chocolate spread, honey or peanut butter for breakfast, ham, cold meat or cheese will be good for lunch. Adding more than one kind of topping turns butterbrod to topped bread. And adding lettuce or onions is virtually unheard of.

Did you know, that butterbroad requires a special bread? It's usually thicker than the bread used for sandwiches, and it has sour taste due to the use of sourdough as a leaving agent.

Butterbrods are not so popular in present-day Germany, as they were 40 years ago. They were replaced by a number of other foods for breakfast and lunch. The Marketing Organization of German Agricultural Industries decided to revive the traditional butterbrods that's why this food holiday is annually celebrated.

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