Navy Day in Sri Lanka Date in the current year: December 9, 2024

Navy Day in Sri Lanka Navy Day in Sri Lanka is celebrated annually on December 9. The holiday commemorates the creation of the Royal Ceylon Navy in 1950.

The history of the Sri Lanka Navy began during the period of British colonial rule. The Ceylon Naval Volunteer Force was created in 1937. It was mobilized for war duties two years later, following the outbreak of the Second World War.

In 1948, the Dominion of Ceylon achieved independence from the United Kingdom. The government of Ceylon believed that an island nation should have a strong navy to defend its borders. Therefore on December 9, 1950, the Royal Ceylon Navy came into existence. It received its current name in 1972, when Ceylon became a republic and was renamed Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Navy is considered to be the country's most vital defense force. Its motto is “The golden fence around the country”. It has about 48,000 active personnel (with approximately 15,000 personnel deployed for shore duties).

Sri Lanka Navy Day is celebrated with official speeches, public ceremonies, and other relevant events and activities. Other service branches of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces also celebrate their anniversaries: Army Day falls on October 10 and Air Force Day is observed on March 2.

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