International Sushi Day Date in the current year: June 18, 2024

International Sushi Day Every year sushi lovers enjoy their favorite holiday, International Sushi Day, that is celebrated on June 18. Although this is unofficial holiday, it attracts millions of people around the world!

The history of this holiday is rather simple and it has nothing to do with some certain offline event held in Japan or anywhere else in the world. In 2009 a guy named Chis DeMay created a Facebook Fanpage of sushi, and that page immediately attracted many sushi fans around the world. DeMay decided to start International Sushi Day on June 18 tagging it with the statement “Every day should be Sushi day, but like anything that is this amazing, it deserves a day unto itself”.

Join all people around the world in celebration of International Sushi Day. You may go the local Japanese restaurant or make sushi at home. If you prefer the second variant, then here are several tips on how to make a perfect sushi roll:

  • work in gloves and keep them wet to prevent rice sticking to your fingers;
  • keep the shiny side of the seaweed away from you;
  • the perfect amount of rice for sushi is as much as you can roll into a ball with one hand.

Remember these tips and your sushi will always look like from a restaurant!

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