Engineer's Day in Venezuela Date in the current year: October 28, 2024

Engineer's Day in Venezuela October 28 is Engineer's Day in Venezuela. This holiday was established to commemorate the foundation anniversary of the first College of Engineering in Venezuela in 1861.

On October 24, 1860 the President of Venezuela Manuel Felipe de Tovar singed a decree regulating the foundation of the College of Engineering and the Academy of Mathematics. Formally the College was born on October 28, 1861.

Since the year of the foundation over 120,000 engineers, architects and relating professionals have graduated the College and made their contribution to building, improvement and modernization of the nation.

We have to remember, that the work of engineers is very hard, because it requires to apply the knowledge of different fields, including technology, science, environmental protection, etc. This profession is one of the most important and valuable for the development of every nation, that's why the holiday commemorating work of engineers is an official holiday in Venezuela. Various events are organized across Venezuela by the Engineer Association, the main public engineer organization, to celebrate the holiday. All Venezuelan engineers are encouraged to participate.

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