Engineer's Day in Peru Date in the current year: June 8, 2024

Engineer's Day in Peru Engineer's Day is celebrated by the Peruvian engineers every year on June 8. The architects also join to the celebration of this holiday, because these two professions are closely intertwined.

Engineer's Day was established in Peru in 1986 by law No 24648. According to the law, June 8 was chosen to be the day of the holiday in order to commemorate the foundation anniversary of the Engineers Board of Peru in 1962.

Engineers play an important role in the building and development of the nation, and modernization of the regions of Peru. They work day and night to make things easier and safer to use and they have to apply all their scientific, environmental and technological knowledge to achieve the desired result.

Every year Peruvian engineers and architects organize a series of special activities to celebrate Engineer's Day. These events include lectures, exhibitions and memorial awards, recognizing the achievements and experience of engineers, who dedicated 25, 40 and 50 years of their lives to this profession and development of the nation. Special courses and lectures for the engineers are also timed to Engineer's Day.

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