Engineer's and Architect’s Day in Panama Date in the current year: January 26, 2024

Engineer's and Architect’s Day in Panama January 26 is a double professional holiday in Panama – Engineer's and Architect's Day. These two professions are closely intertwined, that's why they share one holiday.

Engineer's and Architect’s Day is a special commemorating day honoring the efforts and achievements of the Panamanian architects and engineers for building of the nation. This holiday is celebrated since 1959, when it was created by law, adopted by the Technical Board of Engineering and Architecture.

Contribution of the Panamanian engineers and architects to the development of the nation can be seen in every field, including education, vocational training, new technology implementation, where the most important decisions for the nation and made. Engineers and architects help draw complicated modern projects necessary for the growth and modernization of every region.

Celebration of Engineer's and Architect’s Day raises the prestige of these two professions for the young generation and encourage young people to choose them, thus join the professionals, who work relentlessly day and night. Their achievements can be seen in the technological, social, economic and ecological changes, that affect our present-day and future life.

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