Engineer's Day in Nepal Date in the current year: July 19, 2024

Engineer's Day in Nepal Every year the Nepal Engineer's Association holds special festive events dedicated to Engineer's Day. They annually fall on Shrawan 3 (according to Bikran Samvat), corresponding to the mid-July of the Gregorian calendar.

The Nepal Engineers' Association is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization uniting all Nepalese engineers. The organization was established in 1962 and today it represents over 15,000 engineers. Every year the organization is responsible for celebration of Engineer's Day in Nepal.

NEA is one of the most influential engineering associations in Asia, that's why celebration of Engineer's Day is very often organized on the international level. Engineers from India, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Korea often come to congratulate their Nepalese colleagues and participate in the festive ceremony.

All events organized by the Nepal Engineers' Association are open and free for all Nepalese engineers, and this special day becomes an event celebrating the hard work that the engineers do to do build the better national and better world for everyone.

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