Engineer's Day in Mexico Date in the current year: July 1, 2024

Engineer's Day in Mexico Mexican engineers annually celebrate their professional holiday on July 1, that is known as Engineer's Day. This holiday was established in 1973.

Engineering is one of the most difficult and prestigious professions in the world. It started its development from the construction of military machines, but soon found its way to other industries, thus the civil engineering was born.

The idea of commemoration of all Mexican engineers was born in 1972 and it belonged to Eugenio Mendez Docurro, Mexican politician and engineer. At that time he served as the Secretary of Communication and Transportation. After conducting the investigation on historical events relating to engineering in Mexico, July 1 was chosen. This date marks the anniversary of the Royal Proclamation on the creation of the Real Court of Mining in 1776. This proclamation led to establishment of the Royal School of Mines, where the first curriculum of the engineering profession was drafted.

Since the establishment of the holiday Engineer's Day is annually celebrated by all engineers and students in Mexico. This event also recognizes the work of those people, who spend their time to make things run easier and safer. So don't forget to send sincere congratulations to all engineers you know on this day.

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