National Engineer's Day in Iran Date in the current year: February 24, 2024

National Engineer's Day in Iran National Engineer's Day is celebrated in Iran every year on February 24. A special commemorating ceremony is held to honor the efforts and achievements of the Iranian engineers.

Celebration of National Engineer's Day commemorates the birthday of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, Persian polymath and prolific writer. He is considered to be one of the greatest Persian scholars of the Islamic Golden Age.

Every year the government of Iran holds a special ceremony, that attracts thousands of engineers and engineering students. They are all invited to a special gala concert, where a number of top officials congratulate the engineers on this day. During the ceremony the most outstanding engineers are awarded for their brilliant service in Iran.

Celebration of Engineer's Day has a special purpose: the government of Iran wants to form a special nongovernmental organization, an engineering society, that would include all or almost all Iranian engineers. This society is to be one of the most powerful and influential in the country. These attempts also raise the importance and prestige of the engineering profession in the eyes of the Iranian youth.

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