Egyptian Engineering Day Date in the current year: September 5, 2024

Egyptian Engineering Day Egyptian Engineering Day is a special day of all young engineers and one of the main programs of Young Professionals in Egypt. This is an annual two-day event, that is organized as an expo for engineering graduation projects.

Egyptian Engineering Day was created by IEEE Egyptian section (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) exclusively for the graduating engineers, who would present their projects. During the years of celebration this event saw 250 projects and more than 1,000 visitors. Although Engineering Day is regarded as one of the biggest annual professional summits in Egypt, there are many complaints about too much of preparation for the expo, while the projects are not implemented in real life.

Every year the volunteers of Egyptian Engineering Day choose a slogan that would reflect the year's vision. The projects registered for the expo have to correspond to the new slogan. Year after year new ideas are added to the celebration of Egyptian Engineering Day, new exhibitions attract more volunteers and engineers.

Every Egyptian engineer should attend this annual summit, because it's an exclusive chance to market one's projects, explore latest technologies and solutions meeting the current market demands.

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