Engineer's Day in Colombia Date in the current year: August 17, 2019

Engineer's Day in Colombia Every year engineers of Colombia celebrate professional holiday, Engineer's Day, on August 17. This holiday honors the hard work of engineers, who do their best to make our life safe and easy.

Engineering plays an important role in our life. It provides us with many things, that we use every day. But what is actually engineering? Many dictionaries define it as a mix of knowledge and scientific techniques applied to the invention, improvement and management. It offers solutions to many problems that affect humans. Engineers use materials and forces of nature for the benefit of humanity, and they have to keep in mind the environmental protection too.

Wherever the Colombian engineers are occupied (for instance in civil, industrial, electronic, agricultural, petroleum, mechanic, mining or metallurgy industry), they celebrate their professional holiday on August 17. Today is a spacial day for all of them and they deserve congratulations from their colleagues, relatives and friends. Everyone should wish them a happy day and thank for their hard work.

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