Engineer's Day in Bolivia Date in the current year: October 5, 2024

Engineer's Day in Bolivia Engineer' Day is annually celebrated on October 5. This holiday was established to celebrate the foundation of the Engineers Society of Bolivia.

The first Bolivian engineer enrollment registry was created on November 5, 1905 and it includes approximately 24,990 engineers. The registry became the basis for creation of a special engineer society, that today plays a very important role in the live of Bolivian engineers.

On October 5, 1922 the Engineers Society of Bolivia was founded. The anniversary of its foundation became Engineer's Day in Bolivia. The society protects its professional affiliates and also systematically holds seminars on stability of the employment. The society also offers services of professional orientation.

This institution is empowered to receive invitations from public and private figures, authorities, councils to supervise and recommend projects or intervene in implementation of certain public or private projects.

In 1997 the society celebrated its 75th anniversary, and the government of Bolivia ordered to issue special memorial postage stamps.

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