Youth Day in Iran Date in the current year: February 21, 2024

Youth Day in Iran Youth of Iran annually celebrates Youth Day on Sha'aban 11 (Hijri calendar). This holiday marks birthday anniversary of Hazrat Ali Akbar, son of Imam Hussein.

Youth is very important for every country, because the future of the nation depends only on it. And all the reforms that improve living conditions and education of youth is the investment to the future well-being of the country.

In present-day Iran, people under the age of 30 make up around 50% of the population, and people between 15 and 29 make up almost 1/3 of the population. And these young people face certain problems and have to fight them every day.

Every year the government of Iran chooses a special theme to organize the holiday. All activities and events highlight the problems of youth and help fight them. The most widespread problems are smoking and drug addition, HIV, unemployment, quality and access to education. The government and nongovernmental organizations coordinate special educative events, that involve whole family, thus improve well-belong of young people simultaneously at many levels.

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