Teachers' Day in the Dominican Republic Date in the current year: June 30, 2024

Teachers' Day in the Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic and Haiti share one island and they are bound by one history. But they don't share Teachers' Day, that is celebrated in the Dominican Republic every June 30.

Teachers' Day was established in the Dominican Republic on June 6, 1939 by the Secretary of State for Justice, Public Education and Fine Arts Virgilio Díaz Ordóñez. The date was chosen to commemorate birthday anniversary of Juan Bosch, one of the most memorable South American authors and later the 43rd President of the Dominican Republic (February 27, 1963 – September 25, 1963).

Teachers' Day is unnoticed in many institutions in of the country, but the Dominican Teachers Association and the Ministry of Education are responsible for organization and supervision of festive events in many schools across the Dominican Republic. The festive events vary from school to school, but all of them are aimed at praising hard work of teachers that they do every year. Students give their teachers flowers and small gifts, which are very simple, but they express love and appreciation better than any words.

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