Teachers' Day in Venezuela Date in the current year: January 15, 2024

Teachers' Day in Venezuela Teachers of Venezuela annually celebrate Teachers' Day on January 15. This holiday commemorates the actions of a group of teachers, who started defending their rights.

Teachers' Day was established in Venezuela by President Isaías Medina Angarita to commemorate the struggle, that Venezuelan teachers initiated against the totalitarian regime of Juan Vicente Gómez. On January 15, 1932 a group of teachers formed an association defending their labor rights and working towards improvement of educational system of Venezuela.

The work of this association was prohibited by Gómez and the Ministry of Education ordered teachers to separate from the union. However, the teachers continued their fight for educational reforms. After Gómez's death in 1935 teachers were able to initiate modernization and a number of reforms.

When Marcos Pérez Jiménez came to power In 1953-1958 the official date of Teachers' Day in Venezuela was changed and the holiday was celebrated on November 29 to commemorate birthday of Andrés Bello, Venezuelean diplomat, philosopher and educator. After the fall of Jiménez's dictatorship the original date of celebration was reestablished.

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