Teachers' Day in Hungary Date in the current year: June 2, 2024

Teachers' Day in Hungary Every first Sunday in June Hungarian teachers and students celebrate Teachers' Day. This is a special day of appreciation for the teachers for their hard work.

Teachers' Day was established in Hungary in 1951 and the very first celebration took place in 1952. At that time this holiday attracted much attention, but unfortunately its significance has been lost over the time. Teachers' Day is celebrated across all schools in many countries, however, in Hungary, it's mostly celebrated in elementary schools. Only there some special activities are held as an educative event teaching children to honor and appreciate the hard work their teachers do.

Children have to work hard for the festive ceremonies, because they require much time for preparation. For instance, one of the most common activities is choir singing. Children also very often recite poems dedicated to teachers written by renowned poets.

Children often give flowers or small gifts to express their love and gratitude to teachers. During the last years students try to prepare something more special and individual for every teacher.

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