Teachers' Day in Honduras Date in the current year: September 17, 2019

Teachers' Day in Honduras Every year teachers of Honduras celebrate Teachers' Day on September 17. This is a very important holiday, and students prepare special activities and greeting cards for their teachers to express their gratitude.

Teachers' Day was established in honor of one of the greatest educators in Honduras, father José Trinidad Reyes y Sevilla. He dedicated his life to God, but he was also aware about the importance of education. He founded the Autonomous National University of Honduras and became its first rector. He was also a renown fighter against the poverty and assisted poor people in education, culture, science and in the matter of faith.

Celebration of Teachers' Day scatters across all schools of Honduras. Children prepare special activities for their teachers to organize a perfect celebration. And they present them with handmade greeting cards, expressing their gratitude for the hard work the teachers do. Small classroom parties with a cake and national dishes are very popular among students and their teachers.

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