Teachers' Day in Ecuador Date in the current year: April 13, 2024

Teachers' Day in Ecuador Ecuadorian teachers celebrate their professional holiday, Teachers' Day, on April 13. This holiday was established in honor of Juan Montalvo, an outstanding Ecuadorian author.

Juan Montalvo was born on April 13, 1832 in Ecuador. He went to Quito to study philosophy and law and in 1854 returned to his hometown. In 1857 he started working in the Ecuadorian embassy in Rome, but in 1859 he came back home. His political believes were marked by anti-clericalism and hatred to two leaders of Ecuador – Gabriel García Moreno and Ignacio de Veintemilla. His political views became the reason of an exile to Colombia for 7 years and the second exile to France in the late 1870s.

Montalvo is known for his writings, most of them were written in Colombia during the exile. These works reflected his political point of view and morals, and they were apposed by the Ecuadorian politicians. Even the exile didn't stop him and through his works Montalvo planted the seeds of understanding and knowledge in the minds of Ecuadorians.

Regarding Montalvo's contributions to the development of the nation, President of Ecuador Alfredo Baquerizo established Teachers' Day in 1920. The date was chosen to commemorate birthday anniversary of one of the greatest personalities in the history of Ecuador.

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