Teachers' Day in Cuba Date in the current year: December 22, 2024

Teachers' Day in Cuba Every country chooses some certain historical events or birthday anniversaries of prominent educators to time celebration of Teachers' Day to. Cuba became no exception, and here this holiday is annually celebrated on December 22.

December 22 was chosen to be Teachers' Day to celebrate the anniversary of the Cuban Literacy Campaign. The campaign started on January 1, 1961 and ended on December 22, 1961, and that year became known as the Year of Education. During this time all illiterate Cubans (at that time they were 34-40% of total population) learned reading and writing. The campaign had a successful ending and it became world's most ambitious and organized literacy campaign.

The last day of the successful completion of the campaign became known as Teachers 'Day in Cuba. This day celebrates literacy and hard work of those people, who stand behind it. Annually special festive ceremonies are organized at Cuban schools to congratulate teachers on their professional holiday. Students give their teachers flowers and organize various entertaining parties for them.

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