Day of Good Treatment in Puerto Rico Date in the current year: October 7, 2024

Day of Good Treatment in Puerto Rico Day of Good Treatment is one of the recent observances, that were created in Puerto Rico. This observance was enacted by the legislature of Puerto Rico in 2010.

Political and social polarization in present-day Puerto Rico resulted in a high level of domestic violence, crime, ideological and religious confrontation. All these factors lead to misunderstanding among Puerto Ricans. This problem exists in other countries around the world, that is why observance of Day of Good Treatment is the first step to overcome the issues of modern society.

Observation of Day of Good Treatment raises public awareness of domestic social problems, that people face every day, and lets take course towards the tolerance and mutual respect. Annual proper activities and events are organized by the Department of State of Puerto Rico in collaboration with the Department of Family. Non-governmental, non-profit and religious organizations also participate in organization of different events. Importance of Day of Good Treatment and its observation is annually highlighted by mass media.

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