Magal de Touba in Senegal Date in the current year: August 24, 2024

Magal de Touba in Senegal Magal de Touba is an annual grand pilgrimage to the city of Touba in Senegal. This religious festival became one of the most important in Senegal and millions of people come to Touba to commemorate the exile of Ahmadou Bamba to Gabon.

Ahmadou Bamba was a religious leader in Senegal during the time of French colonization. He founded the large Mouride Brotherhood, that became the most prominent order in Senegal and the Gambia. Its headquarters are situated in the city of Touba.

Bamba's influence and fame worried the French colonial government, that supposed Bamba's power and potential could wage war against them. Bamba never expressed the desire to assume the power or start an uprising, however, the French government decided to exile him to Gabon, and later to Mauritania. He spend in exile 12 years, but this only enlarged the number of his followers.

Ahmadou Bamba was buried in the city of Touba, that he had founded in 1887. After his death Great Mosque was built there. Annually Bamba's followers make a pilgrimage to the mosque on the 18th day of the Safara month of the Islamic calendar to commemorate his exile.

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