International Day for Landmine Awareness and Assistance Date in the current year: April 4, 2019

International Day for Landmine Awareness and Assistance The UN General Assembly declared that April 4 is an annual observation of International Day of Landmine and Assistance. This International Day was created in 2005 and its first observation took place in 2006.

Mines and explosive remnants of war make a serious threat to the safety, health and lives of the civilian population, that is why contributions to mine actions are very important for peace assurance. This day became one of the international awareness days, that draws attention of relevant organizations to the existing problem of mine sweeping.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that landmines and explosive remnants of war threat people's lives and hinder development of the countries. He called for active support for mine action, explanation of the dangers of peace, and unification of the efforts for sweeping mines for the sake of stability and security in the world.

Women can play a special role in mine actions. Their efforts make mine actions more effective and efficient. Women are called to be a part of important activities in every society.

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