Gaura Parva Date in the current year: August 26, 2024

Gaura Parva The Gaura Festival (Gaura Parva) is a Nepalese holiday that honors the Hindu goddess Gauri. Gauri is one of the aspects of Parvati, the wife of the Hindu deity Shiva. She is worshiped as the protectress of women and goddess of harvest.

In Hinduism, Parvati is venerated as the goddess of love, devotion and fertility. She is the wife of Shiva and the mother goddess in Hinduism. Just like other Hindu deities, Parvati has many manifestations and aspects. One of her aspects is Gauri, “the fair one”. Her golden skin symbolizes ripened harvests.

Gaura Parva is the day when Nepalese women worship Gauri with special rituals. They usually pray in the temple in the morning, and then return home and bless their husbands with Biruda, a ritual mixture of five seeds of crops. This blessing is supposed to give their husbands health and long life.

Gaura Parva is not a nationwide festival in Nepal, it is primarily celebrated in the western part of the country. It falls in the Nepali month of Bhadra, which corresponds to August/September in the Gregorian calendar.

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