Zero Emissions Day Date in the current year: September 21, 2019

Zero Emissions Day Zero Emissions Day (also ZeDay), is annually observed by people in many countries around the world on September 21. The main message of this event is “Giving our planet a day off a year”.

The idea of creation of ZeDay belongs to Ken Wallace from Nova Scotia, Canada. He was strolling his newborn daughter past a parked idling truck with no driver inside. The gas emission in combination with the surrounding unrest traffic was nasty, and Ken had an idea, that stopping all of this would be excellent for our world. He tried to initiate the event together with his friends, but during the 1980s an early Internet message didn't draw much attention. However, the idea existed and with the emergence of Internet social networks it was implemented.

The present-day observance was shaped in 2008, and since then it's annually observed on September 21. The message of the campaign exists in 12 languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and English) to draw more attention to the problem of gas emission worldwide.

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