Day of Songun in North Korea Date in the current year: August 25, 2024

Day of Songun in North Korea Day of Songun is a North Korean public holiday celebrated on August 25. It was established in 2013 to honor the country's “military first” policy that prioritizes the Korea People's Army in the allocation of resources and state affairs.

The Songun era began on August 25, 1960 when Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il visited the Seoul 105th Guards Armored Division HQ in Pyongyang. After that, Kim Jong-il frequently visited various army installation across the country.

However, Songun was declared an official government policy only after Kim Il-sung's death in 1994. Kim Jong-il introduced the Songun policy to win the support of the army, retain control over the government and consolidate power after his father's death. Songun in fact replaced Juche as the central state ideology.

Songun grants the Korean People's Army the primary position in the government and society of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, guiding both domestic policy and foreign relations. The military is positioned as the model for Korean society to emulate.

Day of Songun was declared in 2013 by Kim Jong-un. It is marked with official speeches, solemn ceremonies, concerts and other events that focus on honoring the military achievements of North Korea.

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