Ride to Work Day Date in the current year: June 19, 2023

Ride to Work Day The third Monday in June is Ride to Work Day. Everyone is encouraged to use a motorcycle or a scooter to get to work.

Ride to Work Day appeared in the USA in 1992 as an unofficial celebration. In 2000 a charitable organization Ride to Work appeared. Nowadays this organization annually organizes and supports celebration of Ride to Work Day in the USA.

Observance of this day is called the largest motorcycle event by number of participants. This day runs in many countries, including Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Slovenia, Turkey, Ecuador and the Philippines.

Observation of this event aims at drawing public attention to use of motorcycle as less stressful means of transport. Usage of motorcycles is more flexible than cars (no need to stay in jam) and public transport (no need to wait for overcrowded and delayed buses, trams and trains). Often motorcycles and scooters can be parked for free. Smaller motorbikes and scooters burn less fuel, that means that their usage reduces your costs and amount of exhaust fumes, that everyone breathes in.

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