April Fools' Day Date in the current year: April 1, 2018

April Fools' Day April Fools' Day is one of the jollies and funniest holidays of the year, of course, if it's you, who plays harmless prank upon someone else. This unofficial holiday is known and admired in many countries, and it's annually celebrated on April 1.

There are several theories about April Fools' Day origin. Some scholars believe, that the holiday may derive from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The others think, that the tradition of playing jokes derives from the celebration of New Year on March 25. A week-long celebration of New Year ended on April 1 and people, who celebrated it on January 1, played pranks upon those, who did it in the spring.

This holiday is celebrated in many countries and its traditions are alike, although some differences exist. For instance, in the UK the joke should be played before noon, otherwise jokers become April fools themselves. In Poland jokes and hoaxes are prepared by people and media, that makes them more reliable. Serious activities are usually avoided, otherwise they won't be taken for granted. April fish (poissons d'avril) is a typical tradition in Italy, Canada, France, Belgium, French-speaking areas of Switzerland. The tradition includes an attempt to attach a paper fish to victim's back without being noticed.

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