National Children's Day in South Africa Date in the current year: November 2, 2024

National Children's Day in South Africa The problem of child abuse is very acute in South Africa and the government has to do its best to eliminate it. Celebration of National Children's Day on the first Saturday in November should raise public awareness of rights of every child.

National Children's Day is an official observance in South Africa, but the government doesn't organize any special events for children to enjoy this holiday. It's stated, that celebration of this holiday should highlight the progress of South Africa towards the realization and promotion of rights of children, but in fact not much is done.

During the last years the ministers attract public attention to the lack of legislation protecting children from all forms of abuse and child trafficking, the common problems in South Africa. Activists, who organize celebration of National Children's Day, encourage children to share their experience of abuse through drama or poetry.

Recently schools in poor areas were declared fee-free and health care system remains free for the children under the age of five. This is a small, but a very important step for improvement of the well-being of South African children.

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