Democracy Day in Nepal (Prajatantra Diwas) Date in the current year: February 18, 2024

Democracy Day in Nepal (Prajatantra Diwas) Democracy Day in Nepal is celebrated annually on February 18. It celebrates the overthrow of the Rana dynasty that ruled the Kingdom of Nepal from 1846 to 1951.

The dynasty came to power in 1846 through Kot massacre, when the King Chautariya Fate Janga Shah, the Prime Minister and other members of the palace courts were murdered. Janga Bahadur Kunwar became the first ruler in the dynasty. After Kunwar's death his brother Ranodip Singh Rana took the position of the Prime Minister and title of Jang.

After the death of King Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah, his five-year-old son Tribhuvan was crowned to be the King. The boy was too young to rule the country, that is why his mother acted as regent. However, the Kingdom of Nepal was ruled by the Rana dynasty, and the position of the King was titular.

Tribhuvan fled to India in 1950 and Rana tried to replace the King, this attempt led to the rebellion and conflicts with other countries. The Prime Minister was forced to adopt numerous democratic reforms, and Tribhuvan returned to Nepal as monarch on February 18, 1951.

This event became the end of the Rana dynasty, and its anniversary was declared as Democracy Day.

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