World Backup Day Date in the current year: March 31, 2024

World Backup Day World Backup Day is an unofficial holiday, that is annually observed on March 31. This holidays aims to raise public awareness of information security and backing up.

Backup allows you to create copies of data on different additional media and recover lost data in case of damage of your computer. In other words, its the copy of all necessary data, like emails, documents, videos, family photos. Instead of storing all the important information on one computer, another copy exists on the additional carrier.

It takes about 20 minutes to set up one of the file backup services. The most important data may be stored on the external storage device or on the cloud in the Internet. If you never did so before, March 31 is a perfect day to start backing up.

The users of social networking service Reddit realize the importance of backup, that is why they proposed creation of this observance. The date of World Backup Day was not chosen randomly. April 1 is the most common day, when “jokers” run data erasing viruses. Observation of World Backup Day on the eve of All Fools' Day recalls about the importance of data protection.

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