International Thank You Day Date in the current year: January 11, 2019

International Thank You Day Every year people all over the world celebrate International Thank You Day that falls on January 11. This celebration is the ideal opportunity to show your gratitude to people who make your days what they are.

The origin of International Thank You Day is unclear. No one knows who established it and when. There is an opinion that greeting cards companies promoted this holiday to increase their sales. But this doesn't make the concept of International Thank You Day less appealing.

Celebrate this day by showing your appreciation to people who make your life better and more beautiful. One single word can make people who surround you happier, isn't it great?

Unfortunately we often forget to show gratitude to others. We think only about ourselves and don't notice all the things that relatives and friends do for us. Be polite, think of others and then simple “thank you” will make their day better.

This day is considered as one of the most polite days. But don't forget thank all people who deserve it during the rest of the year.

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