World Day of Peace Date in the current year: January 1, 2024

World Day of Peace World Day of Peace set by the Roman Catholic Church is held annually on January 1 since 1968. It is often confused with the International Day of Peace that was introduced by UN. Although the holidays are different, they pursue the same things.

Pope Paul VI was inspired by the encyclical Pacem in Terris of John XXII and decided to introduce World Day of Peace in 1967. This holiday was held on January 1 in 1968 for the first time and it also referenced to Paul's VI own encyclical Populorum Progressio. This holiday and date are very important for the Catholic Church. The thing is that January 1 is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.

World Day of Peace is often the day when popes make statements on UN, women's rights, economic development, human rights, the right to life, labor unions, globalization, peace in the Holy Land, international diplomacy and terrorism.

January 1 is the date for a similar holiday that is celebrated only in the USA – the Global Family Day. This holiday is also called One Day of Peace and Sharing. This holiday grew out of One Day in Peace celebration of the United Nations. Though this holiday doesn't have an official status, the activists try to popularize it.

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