People’s Army Day in Vietnam Date in the current year: December 22, 2024

People’s Army Day in Vietnam People's Army Day, also known as National Defense Day, is a Vietnamese holiday celebrated on December 22. It commemorates the foundation anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army (VPA).

The People's Army of Vietnam was created in 1944 amidst the struggle against the French colonial authorities and Japanese occupiers. The decision to begin armed struggle was made in September 1944 during the 1st Revolutionary Party Military Conference. Ho Chi Minh ordered Vo Nguyen Giap to form Armed Propaganda Brigades. The first brigade was established on December 22. So the Vietnamese People's Army was born.

Currently the VPA is the armed forces of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It includes several service branches: Ground Forces, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Border Defense Force. The slogan of the VPA is “Determined to win”. It is written on the country's military flag.

National Defense Day is the celebration of Vietnam's armed forces. The holiday is observed nationwide with public speeches, solemn ceremonies, military parades, concerts and performances, and other relevant events and activities. Despite its significance, People's Army Day is not a public holiday, it is merely an observance.

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